I started fishing at the age of 2 and it soon became my passion. I took every opportunity to fish with my father and uncle which included fishing on party boats where I would walk around the boat picking up the small fish that the big blues would spit out onto the deck and use them for Bass bait.  That is how at age 4 I won a $90 pool by catching my first striped bass. That was the start of my quest to catch the next big fish, and then the next big fish. I would get up before school and fish off our bulkhead, then take my catch in and fry it up for breakfast.

As I got older, I spoke to local fisherman at the bait stores – swapping stories and fishing tips while creating great friendships.   I started making my own Riggs and Lures realizing that quality equipment and technique is the difference between going fishing and catching fish. And I continue to create and seek out the best Riggs, Lures and equipment available to add to our product line.

Today LureDepot offers you the very best in salt water and fresh water fishing tackle. LureDepot is helping many fishermen like you have access to the finest selection of quality fishing equipment.

If you have a fishing story or product review that you would like to post along with a picture of your catch please email us at [email protected] We would love to hear from you!   Each month, we will have a winner who will receive a free LureDepot T-Shirt, Cap, or Merchandise. Don’t miss out!

Keep fishing,